Ithaca Villas

Ithaca Villas

Ithaca; the homeland of Ulysses  is an Ionian island with so many advantages that can appreciated from people who love privacy, luxury, comforts and a view to the open sea. Ithaca villas is the luxury accommodation at Ithaca. Traditional architecture combining with modern decoration create a unique combination of comfort and spacious luxury in the most private island in Ionian sea.

Travelers here are nature lovers, with their families, couples who would like toy rejuvenate their relationship, people who are just married and live their honeymoon in luxury Ithaca villas. The most desirable part of the day is the evening, and thus because the magnificent sunset in a marvelous scenery in front of a terrace, lying on a sofa, drinking your favorite and enjoy the real meaning of life.

Thinks here are quiet and privacy at any time is the advantage for good holidays with your family or as a couple. The private pool  are another comfort and you can enjoy it any time of the day you would  like. Bedrooms and living rooms in a stone made Ithaca villa, sometimes remind a castle and this castle can be yours for the days you desire to in an affordable price.

Terrace View in Ithaca Villas

Terrace View in Ithaca Villas

If you prefer a Luxury a unique escape from the everyday life this is your chance and you have to catch it, making an early booking. The island does not have enough villas, so as you understand they always booked early for the summer season. Make your choice decide Ithaca Villas holidays as soon as you can and come here to live the homer myth with your beloved ones for your memorable vacations.

The beaches are magnificent and the locals are living early in afternoon. After all if you come with your family or as a couple you can visit them an make a private beach party with fire and stories beside the sea. This kind of experience bring us more closer and give us unique opportunities to rejuvenate all kind of relationships.

Come to Ithaca and rent an In Ithaca Villas for this year holidays and believe you will not regret it.


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